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Stephen Cromwell

Stephen Cromwell

Chef Stephen Cromwell started his culinary journey as a young child. He spent much time in the kitchen with his grandmother, watching as she prepared many unique meals and baked dishes because his grandmother loved to teach her children and grandchildren amazing recipes, this stark something in Stephen.

At the age of sixteen years old, he started his first job in the restaurant business as a dishwasher. He planned to begin in this position to learn all the functions of the restaurant business. After less than a year, he was promoted to line cook.

After working at various establishments and learning many functions and knowledge of the restaurant business, Chef Stephen decided to further his education in the field.

In 2018 he enrolled in the JNA Institute of Culinary Arts, graduating with an associate degree in culinary art. This education prepared him to be an outstanding Chef de tournant under the leadership of some world-renowned Chefs from the Philadelphia area. He has won awards such as Teflon Chef and Teflon Chef Burger Brawl competition.

With over ten years of experience, he has held numerous leadership positions within the professional kitchen setting. He is well-versed in global cuisine. His use of French and Japanese cuisine influences his fusion-style cuisine; he also has extensive experience as a personal chef, caterer, and pop-up chef vendor though out the Philadelphia area.

The Chef’s love for food and health consciousness is represented in his exceptional cooking.

Stephen Cromwell
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