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Capture the Beauty

Michael Sheely Photography, the photography component of MAXSolutions, my social media content management biz was born back in 1973.  But it really came to life in 2014 during a bout with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  As I experienced chemo and radiation, my photography became a cathartic way of dealing with the rigors of the treatment.  Today, my photography is thriving.  It has become a passion for me to capture and share as much photography as possible using social media as an outlet.  I have photographed the stars . . . Bill Giuliani, Henry Winkler, Isaiah Thomas, Ayesha Curry, and Archie Manning to name a few.  I have captured wedding moments, sunrises and sunsets, landscapes, Amish, architecture, and just faces in the crowd.  I like to think that nothing can get by me, although I know it does.  My camera is an extension of me and I love to use it whenever possible.  I look forward to another couple episodes of TASTE in both Philadelphia and in Lancaster here in 2022.

~Michael Sheely, Photographer

Michael Sheely Photography

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