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Reinhold Paul

Reinhold Paul

​​Chef Reinhold Paul is the chef/owner of Chef Reinhold Culinary Solutions with 45 years of culinary experience .

He is known as the Baby Boomer Chef and has published recipes , made numerous radio and television appearances and is the only two time winner of the New York International Food Show Rapid Fire Challenge!

Living in Barnegat,  New Jersey with his wife Kathy and his daughter Kelly this Chef’s passion for flavorful food is unrivaled.

In addition to public and private chef duties Chef Reinhold launched Baby Boomer Chef which provides interactive Chef driven dinner parties for up to 16 people. However with all that has and is happening in the world Baby Boomer is focusing on delicious gourmet food prepared on a budget! Did I say Gourmet Food on a budget? Is this a real solution? As this is the current subject of most of my culinary demos, the answer is Yes it is!

Come and be transformed along with the ingredients for a solution You will never forget! 

Reinhold Paul
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