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Barry Sexton

Barry Sexton

Chef Barry Sexton

Philadelphia native, Chef Barry Sexton is an educator, leader, brand

ambassador, recipe and menu developer with over 35 years of experience.

A graduate from the Philadelphia Art Institute. He has trained for more than

a decade under the tutelage of Master Chef Jean Pierre Tardy of Newtown,

Pa. Chef Sexton’s vast career includes work at some premiere restaurants

and hotels in the Philadelphia and Bucks County areas.

He was showcased on the Food Network Show ”Dinner Impossible” with

Chef Robert Irvine. Also featured on Chef Gordon Ramsey “Hotel Hell”.

Chef Sexton is well known for his catering, private cooking classes and

guest chef appearances that showcase his passion for cooking.

As the owner/ Chef of the Opinionated Palate Catering, our dishes are

heavy on flavor and light on calories, fresh & delicious. He has established

a name within the culinary world as an expert in creating and crafting

custom menus

We don’t just cater food. We cater experiences!

Chef Barry Sexton 215 803 6063

Barry Sexton
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