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Kiesha Colbert

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I'm Chef Kiesha Colbert born in New York , I have always been passionate about good food. My previous career of nearly twenty years as a social worker in the field of foster care and adoption also made me passionate about taking care of people.

While I am not a classically-trained, professional chef, I have been blessed with the tremendous gift of being able to combine my two life-long passions to do something I love: take care of people with good food.

My approach to food is bold and adventurous. I combine great ingredients and great cuisines from my three favorite areas grandma's kitchen the backyard BBQ pit and the taste of the Caribbean with a punch of bold flavors and a down home feel. The result is healthful, gourmet cuisine with a bit of a kick and a memory of granny's kitchen family events and oh that great Caribbean vacation.

Nikita Jackson

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Nikita Jackson, affectionately called “Nikki J.” is the owner of Absolutely Edible Cakes & Catering “Home of The Sweet Potato Thang”. She opened the doors in Rowlett TX in March 2000. With no formal training, Nikki feels she is God gifted to achieve cakes that not only look good but taste good. If you can dream it, she can achieve it. 

“How did you do that?” is the most often asked question that people ask after they lay eyes on the sweet pieces of art created by Nikki J. Nikki comes up with ideas and design by actively listening to her clients. She likes to get inside their heads, tap into their minds and dreams and help make them come to life. While Nikki has many celebrity clients, she likes for all her clients to feel like a celebrity. Nikki has been featured on Essence, Jet, Inside Edition, In Touch Weekly, The Daily Mail UK, The Metro UK, The Good Housekeeping UK, Yahoo, CNN News, Food Network, The Cooking Channel, Good Day Dallas… to name a few. 

When asked what her specialty is she responds “your order”. When asked “how did she do that”, she replies, “It was a piece of cake”.

Cecilia Ganier

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After growing up In a creole household where as a little girl I would sit and watch my grandmother fill the room with amazing smells of her awesome creole recipes. I decided to bring our love of New Orleans flavors to the modern mobile dining mecca of Philadelphia. We wanted to combine the authentic tastes of my family’s home with the new forward-thinking food movements of Northeastern Pennsylvania to present a non-traditional, Authentic Creole dining experience. When I first started “ Rollin In The Springs, LLC AMONGST OTHER THINGS “ I wanted to accommodate our fast growing economy by bringing a full meal experience in one bite with our specialty spring rolls. This lead to our vast choice of fillings and sharing my family’s Creole Cuisine with the the surrounding tri-state area.. Our dual menu is designed to entice our working environment for on the go and/or for our customers who want to dive into The New Orleans, Louisiana experience.

Crystal Thomas

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A native of Coatesville, Pa and key stakeholder in the City’s business district for over 40 years.  Woven into very fabric that makes the city great, Crystal is a self made, multidisciplinary entrepreneur in niche markets and customized services; from dressmaking & tailoring to the culinary arts. CEO/COO of Seams Unlimited Inc., Simply Shrimp, LLC., and xxx Realty Group.
Educated in the arts center of Philadelphia, Pa with continuous and progressive training on concepts within her crafts.Her portfolio extends to non-profit organizations founding The Center for Change & Development and Masjid Ar-Rahman, Inc. Patron’s travel far and wide to experience the taste of her famous jumbo shrimp, winning shrimp bowl, and savory poboy sandwich in the heart of the downtown area. Well known for fashions in the City’s senior proms and automotive upholstery Crystal continues to serve a multi-faceted and important role in her community.

Rashidah Green


I grew up in the North  Philadelphia area where I was involved in many youth programs  to help the community! I always had a love for the food  industry. At the age of 10 years old I cooked my very first full  meal, which was whole turkey, greens, Yams & Mac & Cheese,  I remember being hungry and my mom was at work I called her  and told her I’m going to cook. My mother told me nit to touch  her first but I was determined to show her that I can do it ,  cause I watch her everyday . At the age of 12-year-old I was  hired to work the summer food program which I help prep and  serve the community hot meals. In March of 1996 I was hired  to work as a prep assistant for a catering company called  Mom's and Daughter's Catering which my love and passion  grew , I then took up hotel restaurant tourism at Strawberry  Mansion High School. I began to sell cakes and pies everyday  from 1999 until 2002 which then turned into platters for  schools, hospitals and Corp offices, by 2009 I have started doing  small catering jobs for family and friends but I knew in my heart  I wanted more so I enrolled into JNA Culinary school in 2013 and stay there until April of 2013 than transferred to The Art  institute of Culinary , I remember chef Joe speaking on my  dishes every morning and telling me how motivated and  determined I looked in the lab. My love and passion was the 

push that gave me to move forward with building my catering  business legally wanting to take on the world and show my  talent & skills, so in 2014 me and my husband took a leap of  faith and build our own catering company Mrs. YUMMIES for  UR TUMMY CATERING SERVICE LLC.  

Mrs. Yummies is now contracted to over 200 Corp business and  now provide service in DELAWARE, JERSEY NEW YORK!  

I have been the chef for WEE R THE WORLD ELC for the pass 8  years , I have Services Pevo, Temple hospital & College, South  high school,  

Vare middle school, Einstein, I was one of the chef that  catered the inauguration for Council women Kendra Brooks win  she Won . 

I love feeding the unfortunate and help putting smiles on  people face with my warm comfort Soul food .

Quanise Pack


Keisha Prosser


Keisha Prosser AKA The Mobile Cooking Teacher 

Native of Philadelphia, raised in West/Southwest Philly. Graduated from The Restaurant School of Walnut Hill College with a Pastry Arts Degree.

In 2015 Ree’s & Kei’s Mobile Cooking Teachers LLC was open and the founder of Kids Can Cook PA Workshop. Teaching Hands On or Virtual Cooking Classes. We offer Ladies Night Out, Date Night, Mommy and Me or Daddy and Me Cooking Classes, After School Enrichment Program and much more. Check us out on our website at or on social media at Facebook and Instagram as Mobile Cooking Teacher.

MiMi J

MIMI J_edited.png

The Texas native has taken an untraditional path to becoming a staple in homes and kitchens around the world. Chef Meika “MiMi J” Johnson vacated her position as a global account executive coordinator for Ricoh USA after 10 years with the company to launch her own private, upscale catering business in 2015. The wife and mom used her love, talent and passion for cooking as a means to generate extra income, and that quickly grew into a lucrative, sustainable career that got her thebrattention of several high-profile chefs including Chef Richard Pratt, who hire her to oversee his Iron Chef events at the Space in Dallas. Soon MiMi was being brought after to appear on top cooking programs around the country. 



MiMi credits her decadent dishes to a rich food history deeply rooted in Louisiana and East Texas family influences. While she specializes in Southern cooking, MiMi has also carved out a niche in the private sector doing healthy food prep for many of her clients brand as a traveling chef for the super elite. She has been featured on a number of national cooking shows including The Taste (ABC National), Undercover Boss (CBS National), Bobby's Dinner Battle with Bobby Flay (Food NetworkbrNational) as well as Good Morning Texas (ABC Dallas) and Good Day Dallas (FOXbrDallas). 

Marven and Syerita Turner

Side Eye BBQ Sauce Bio_edited_edited.png

We are Marven and Syerita Turner, Owners of Side Eye BBQ Sauce, LLC. We started in 2015 in Owings Mills, MD with 1 recipe as a gift from God and with His given creativity, we have created a wonderful array of flavors. Our mission is to share them with you, our customers.

Side Eye BBQ Sauce is the 6th place winner in The Shore Hatchery Pitch Competition at Salisbury University 2021 and we're 1 step closer to bringing these flavors to your local market.

Lindsay Hills

Hello, Chef Lindsay here. I have always been fascinated by food since I was a child. In fact, I stole it right out of people's hands so I could try it. So, let us just say my love of food began at a young age. The passion grew stronger and stronger over time. I was born in Virginia and raised in New Jersey for the first 18 years of my life, and I now live in Coatesville, Chester County, PA.
I graduated from Coatesville Senior High School, as well as The Technical College High School Brandywine Campus for Culinary Arts. I am a proud graduate of Hyde Park, New York's Culinary Institute of America. During my time at the CIA, I spent four months on externship at the Addison Reserve Country Club in Delray Beach, Florida, where I had the opportunity to gain experience in the field of culinary arts while working alongside some incredible chefs.
I worked at Restaurant Alba in Malvern, PA, and had the pleasure of cooking for Martha Stewart. In addition, I was able to cook on a Philadelphia cooking show with my high school chef instructor, Chef Jarrett Young, owner of Create-a-Cook, who is still my mentor. In addition, I work for Create-a-Cook, teaching kids how to cook at a summer camp program alongside Chef Young.
I currently work as a Personal Chef and own Lindsay's Lunch Box in Chester County, Pennsylvania. My goal is to relieve people's stress by providing better, healthier eating options; food that is so fresh that it makes you feel spoiled. Individual and family-style lunches and dinners are available. But it does not stop there. I also cater parties and teach children's cooking classes. I enjoy what I do and my job, and I am grateful for the support I receive from my family. This is only the beginning for me!

Dyamonde Moore

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