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Staci Azzinarro

Staci Azzinaro

​Chef Staci Azzinaro has always been committed to excellence bringing her clients the best in fusion cooking. Chef Staci is known for her Sunday brunches, intimate dining experiences and online cooking classes. She loves sharing her passion for all things food and refers to her clients and followers as beautiful people. She can be found on her social media platforms doing food videos and engaging with her audience.

Chef Staci launched her Hot Spice Seasoning and Sauce Line in 2020 and has turned it into a successful business. Chef Staci has an impressive celebrity clientele that she has worked with they include Philly's own Will Smith, Kevin Hart, Jasmine Sullivan and the Philadelphia 76ers. She is now the proud owner of Oliver's Twist Restaurant that offers her twist on both Vegan and Non- Vegan recipes. Her motto is if you can make it traditionally you can make it vegan. 

Staci Azzinarro
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