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Rashidah Green

Rashidah Green

I grew up in the North  Philadelphia area where I was involved in many youth programs  to help the community! I always had a love for the food  industry. At the age of 10 years old I cooked my very first full  meal, which was whole turkey, greens, Yams & Mac & Cheese,  I remember being hungry and my mom was at work I called her  and told her I’m going to cook. My mother told me not to touch  her first but I was determined to show her that I can do it ,  cause I watch her everyday . At the age of 12-year-old I was  hired to work the summer food program which I help prep and  serve the community hot meals. In March of 1996 I was hired  to work as a prep assistant for a catering company called  Mom's and Daughter's Catering which my love and passion  grew , I then took up hotel restaurant tourism at Strawberry  Mansion High School. I began to sell cakes and pies everyday  from 1999 until 2002 which then turned into platters for  schools, hospitals and Corp offices, by 2009 I have started doing  small catering jobs for family and friends but I knew in my heart  I wanted more so I enrolled into JNA Culinary school in 2013 and stay there until April of 2013 than transferred to The Art  institute of Culinary , I remember chef Joe speaking on my  dishes every morning and telling me how motivated and  determined I looked in the lab. My love and passion was the 

push that gave me to move forward with building my catering  business legally wanting to take on the world and show my  talent & skills, so in 2014 me and my husband took a leap of  faith and build our own catering company Mrs. YUMMIES for  UR TUMMY CATERING SERVICE LLC.  

Mrs. Yummies is now contracted to over 200 Corp business and  now provide service in DELAWARE, JERSEY NEW YORK!  

I have been the chef for WEE R THE WORLD ELC for the pass 8  years , I have Services Pevo, Temple hospital & College, South  high school,  

Vare middle school, Einstein, I was one of the chef that  catered the inauguration for Council women Kendra Brooks win  she Won . 

I love feeding the unfortunate and help putting smiles on  people face with my warm comfort Soul food .

Rashidah Green
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