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Q Ibraheem

Chef Q is the founder and executive chef of the Chef Q. Ibraheem brand

Teertsemasesottehg (TEO), Chicago’s only interactive Secret location Underground Dining experience.

Also, founder of the of Kids w/Co-workers free farm to fork meal program.

Q’s hospitality career began when she applied for culinary apprenticeship program where she

received mentoring from a Food Network Chef. She honed her skills traveling through the

restaurant scenes in Detroit, Atlanta and Chicago where she worked at Michelin starred

Restaurant, Elizabeth. Her roles in the kitchen includes Sous Chef, Executive Sous Chef, Executive

Chef and Corporate Executive Chef.

In 2021 Chef Q was one of only 20 recipients around the globe to receive the international CNN

Heroes award and the Red Cross award plus many others, for her community food based initiative

programs in Chicago during the Covid 19 Pandemic out break.In March 2023 The Chef Q was

Named one of the top 20 businesses shaping Chicago by Nationally subscribed Time Out Chicago

media outlet.

Chef Q develops culinary art and urban agriculture curricula for workforce development

programs and 501c3’s that focus on cultural awareness through food diversity. Her curriculum has been implemented by Illinois’ Oakton, Community College / Workforce Development Department where she facilitates culinary art instruction and employs youth that have completed her culinary training program

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