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Janice O'Brien

Janice O'Brien

Janice O’Brien’s family members were “foodies” long before the expression came into

our vernacular. Her parents never hesitated to jump in the car for a jaunt to search for

delectable food. Like most of the family, she became a skilled cook – exploring recipes,

baking and entertaining – just like the generations before her.


O’Brien’s book, Eating My Way Through Life, is a nostalgic collection of stories giving

readers a glimpse of growing up in the 1950s and 60s when families spent Sundays

together and mothers cooked and baked every meal from scratch. This book is part

memoir, family history, recipes, and a journey of O’Brien’s relationship with food.


Over her professional career, O’Brien was an Art Director, Package Designer, Brand

and Marketing Director, all involving extensive promotional and business writing.

Despite being a designer, O’Brien loved to write. Her first published book was, Poems I

Wrote When I Wasn’t Talking.


After living most of her life in the New York metropolitan area, the author now lives in

Chester County, Pennsylvania near both her daughters, son-in-law and ex-husband.

Janice O'Brien
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