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James Petersen

James Petersen

For nearly 14 years, James Petersen has been an integral pillar of Seasons 52, weaving a legacy of culinary finesse, leadership dexterity, and an unwavering commitment to people. Beginning his journey in King of Prussia in 2010 as a foundational chef, James swiftly established himself as a linchpin in the establishment's success.

In 2014, recognizing his exceptional culinary talent and leadership capabilities, Seasons 52 entrusted James with the role of Executive Chef Partner for their newly opened Princeton, NJ location. His mettle was evident as he quickly climbed the ranks to become the Managing Partner shortly after the launch, illustrating his versatility in balancing kitchen operations with overarching management duties.

James's journey with Seasons 52 took him back to his roots in 2021, when he returned to the King of Prussia location. While his title might have changed over the years, his hands-on approach to culinary operations has remained steadfast, showcasing his enduring passion for the culinary arts.

Throughout his tenure, James's efforts have not gone unnoticed. His contribution to the King of Prussia team led them to the honor of winning the coveted Diamond Club award twice between 2010-2013. Under his leadership, the Princeton location followed suit, bagging three more of Darden's distinguished Diamond Club awards. The zenith of his accolades came when he was felicitated as the 'Partner of the Year', a fitting tribute to his exceptional contributions to the brand.

Central to James's philosophy is an unyielding belief in the importance of people. Whether it's guests, team members, peers, vendors, or the broader community, his focus has always been on nurturing relationships and fostering a sense of camaraderie. His guiding principle resonates in his words: "If we remain focused on people, we will always win." And indeed, James Petersen's illustrious career stands as a testament to this enduring truth.

James Petersen
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