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Lady Dujour

Chef Tee (Lady DuJour)

Meet Chef Tee, a talented chef from Philadelphia

who developed a passion for cooking at a young

age. She is entirely self-taught and gained her

experience from watching cooking shows, family

members and working at a high-end nursing home.

As she progressed, Chef Tee's culinary skills led her

to cook for family functions and events.

After successfully selling her platters, Chef Tee

decided to launch her catering business, Lady

Dujour Entrees, where she specializes in restaurant style

dishes. Her popular salmon dishes, buffalo

sliders, lamb burgers and more are all crafted with a

tasteful twist. Despite her busy schedule, Chef Tee

remains dedicated to her passion and has exciting

plans for the future.

At Lady Dujour Entrees, Chef Tee invites you to

"Switch up your Palate" and experience beautifully

crafted meals that will delight all your senses.

Lady Dujour
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