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Cecilia Ganier

Cecilia Ganier

Chef Ganièr- After growing up In a creole household where as a little girl I would sit and watch my grandmother fill the room with amazing smells of her awesome creole recipes. I decided to bring our love of New Orleans flavors to the modern mobile dining mecca of Philadelphia. We wanted to combine the authentic tastes of my family’s home with the new forward-thinking food movements of Northeastern, PA to present a non-traditional, Authentic Creole Dining experience. 


Rollin In The Springs LLC has participated in a variety of events such as 


* Taste Philly & Taste Lancaster

    * 2021 & 2022


* Black Food & Dessert Expo 

     * 2019 2020 2021


To leave you whole once you get a taste of this Creole Soul.


Our mission : To accommodate our fast growing economy by bringing a full meal experience into one bite. We guarantee to leave you whole, once you get a taste of this Creole Soul.

Cecilia Ganier
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